In recent years we have witnessed a plethora of examples of poor leadership, poor communication and poor business decision making, across both the corporate and political arenas. “ Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done – because they want to do it” Dwight D. Eisenhower
STH Consultancy “manages solutions” and provides a full range of specialist business consulting services to clients in both an individual and business capacity. Through our extensive network of recognised experts, we provide advice and know-how in areas of: -
Corporate Communications
A common aspect of internal corporate communications is employee relations.
A recurring theme in promoting good internal corporate relations is ensuring good employee relations.
Think of corporate communication as the voice of your organisation. It speaks internally, to employees, as well as externally, to suppliers, vendors, media, investors and other stakeholders.
It speaks when things are going well in the business and certainly - when there is a crisis.

As with all effective communications, it must be clear, consistent and controlled. Ensuring that the message given out is the same message that is received – is an art.

How you manage this, can make or break an organisations reputation - both inside and out.

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Executive Coaching
In todays busy business world it is hardly surprising that small business owners have neither the time nor the expertise, to coach individuals or groups of staff. In coaching business leaders or their staff, we aim to bring out the best in them, individual enabling them and/or the team to work better as a whole. Executive coaching works best when it is:
Ultimately coaching aims to bring out the best in an individual to enable the team to work better as a whole. Executive coaching works best when it is:
  • used to help individuals address specific professional development issues or to assist when taking on a particularly challenging work role of project;
  • providing professional and personal development that is particularly appropriate for those in senior positions who have little time and for whom being lonely at the top can be a common experience;
  • driven by the needs of the client. It is about assisting people to achieve their full potential, with a focus on what they want to achieve now and in the future.
  • a partnership between the executive coach and the client and is for a defined period of time.
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Mentoring is a powerful personal development and empowerment tool.
Frequently the relationship between executive coach and client becomes ongoing on an 'as and when required' basis, giving the client an opportunity to share new ideas or problem solve with an outside party who understands them and their business.

This can be a valuable and insightful process, with the objective always to meet the needs of the client.

Mentoring implies a longer, less formal and structured relationship which, nevertheless, can be extremely powerful and beneficial over the medium to long term.

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Government Relations
Our associates have expertise and experience in helping clients with public sector contract tendering. Is this of interest to your business.

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Advanced Tax Planning
95% of people pay more than they need to.

It’s not the money you make – it’s the money you keep, that makes You Rich. If you are self-employed or a controlling director or a business owner, find out how to keep more of what you earn.

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R & D Tax claims and exemptions
The types of criteria we use to establish your R&D competencies include:
  • Do you attempt to solve problems for your clients or overcome issues for them?
  • Do you encourage advancement in the field of science or technology?
  • Do you seek to test or improve innovative new materials, process or code?
  • Is there testing of your solutions after you have designed them?
  • Does your work involve new processes or new ways of thinking?
  • Do you encourage your team to find better, faster, more efficient, or more effective solutions?
  • Are you attempting to achieve a resolution of uncertainty?
  • Thousands of eligible companies are losing out on valuable tax benefits.
Do you own a commercial property, I guarantee there are Capital Allowances that you are entitled to – but haven’t claimed from HMRC. Let our experts correct that and get you the money you are entitled to.

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Cost Reduction Planning
  • Credit card transaction costs
  • Bank Fees
  • Consumables
  • Freight
  • IT Costs
  • Fuel & Energy Costs
  • Waste Disposal
  • Travel and Insurances
  • Packaging & Printing
Make your payroll work for you; streamline to make your business more efficient. By optimising business functions, we generate additional revenue. This is accomplished by increasing efficiencies and service level performances while decreasing workload and operational costs. We can affect significant savings to your payroll expense.

Don't waste money on your premiums; we know the best deals for your business.

With todays rising energy costs it's important that you are taking advantage of the best deals – we can show you how.

It is soul destroying when companies get their fuel bills. Keeping cars and lorries on the roads means big money no matter what sector you are working in.

Bank Fees
Paying too much in bank fees? We have a solution that could save you thousands in charges.